Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook


What is the book “Unshakeable” about?

Tony Robbins calls his book a collection of recommendations for people who want to stay strong and patient in the world of financial uncertainty, i.e., who wants to remain unshakeable.

After coming a long way from the bottom to the top of the financial success, Robbins learned to handle money throughout his whole life, summing up all of the experience in two of his best-selling books.

He describes growing up poor, together with his alcoholic mother and various stepfathers who replaced one another endlessly. In his childhood small Tony would often go to bed hungry; he wore old hand-me-downs and took any job he could get. By night he would work as a cleaner and would sleep in the bus before school classes. He remembers clearly how he was uncertain about the future, feeling he got trapped by circumstances. Those times are long past; Robbins has long been riding the waves.

But when the financial crisis of the 2008-2009 erupted in the States, he fully understood people who went broke, found themselves with no jobs and became disoriented. Tony Robbins knew, most of the responsibility for the crisis was on the short-sighted actions of a small but an influential group of businessmen of Wall Street. None of them were held responsible; none of them admitted their guilt.

Also, none of the systemic issues were resolved and, therefore, Robbins feels that that financial chaos has every chance to happen again. That’s why he decided to write a book that will help people not feel like passive victims of circumstances and teach them how to control their finances.

According to Robbins himself, most people are far from being financially literate. Deciding to multiply or to invest their money successfully, they tend to act blindly. Robbins has consulted many of the world’s greatest financial minds: traders, investors, hedge-fund executives, and oil tycoons. He feels that everyone, who wants access to the financial independence or at least to the financial protection, should look up to these people and use their methods, most of which formed the basis of his book.

They remain calm and unshakeable among financial crisis, and no economic meltdowns can threaten them. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the economy or the stock market. They provide not only for their needs or the needs of their loved ones but also help others by doing charity.

What does it mean to be unshakeable, to be immutable? Robbins says that “unshakeable” is the state of not finance, per se, but of the soul. After all, money itself doesn’t matter. What matters is what it represents. It’s the freedom, the independence, the stability, being unshakeable even in the face of any storm.

Unshakeable people can cope with fear, quickly regaining their calm. The clear mind allows them to navigate through the widespread panic and even to take further advantage of it. Being unshakeable means to play chess yourself and not to be someone’s pawn; you play by your own rules.

The crisis seemed to be over; the world economy began to rise once again. But, according to Robbins, the central banks still resort to questionable methods for the sake of economic growth and, sometimes, even experiment with very risky tactics. However, some individuals can still earn money through good times and bad. For this, you don’t need to predict the future or be able to influence the world.

Robbins considers that you have to focus on the things you think you’re able to control. It cannot be achieved by positive thinking nor by announcing your plans in front of everybody. You need proper tools, knowledge and specific strategies for it. Having money is a game, and every game has its rules.

Everything related to money is considered being too complicated or confusing. We don’t like to focus on things we don’t want. When we’re forced to make financial decisions, we often act (or don’t act) in a state of fear, and, according to Robbins, that is wrong. You always need to have a plan of action prepared; you have to be aware of the current situation: the position you’re in and the goals you have, even the financial ones.

Knowledge really is power, but you have to discover its potential. It’s useless if it doesn’t have any concrete actions behind it. Many people are afraid to take any action with money; they are scared to make them work. You shouldn’t be scared – avoiding anything too risky along with making rational decisions is enough; Robbins has already paved the way for the reader to do so.

Another problem is being excessively gullible when people shift entirely responsible for their finances to all kinds of financial consultants, trainers, traders and so forth. It’s quite dangerous, as the financial world is full of sharks, and this book, among other things, teaches us how not to be eaten.

There will come a time when the stock market will be in crisis once again, says Robbins. Does that mean we are powerless to fight it? No. Experts of the financial world are preparing for difficult times in advance; they aren’t just responding to them when they come.

Summary and 10 Ideas of “Unshakeable”:

Idea №1 Teach yourself to save some of your income and to invest it properly.

Idea №2 The financial market is subject to fluctuations, and this frightens many investors.

Idea №3 Although no one can predict what will happen in the short term, the stock market tends to grow in the long term.

Idea №4 Despite regular correction, it is impossible to accurately predict how the market will behave in the short term

Idea №5 Typically, the long-term market produces positive returns.

Idea №6 On the stock market, it’s better to be a long-term investor and not a short-term trader

 Idea №7 The greatest danger is to end up out of the market.

Idea №8 Take your financial decisions under control; don’t shift responsibility to other people.

Idea №9 Choosing a financial advisor is not a decision to be taken lightly

Idea №10 How much you’ve earned is not as important as how much you’ve saved.

Review “Unshakeable”

The book is written in plain language, and it’s easy-to-understand even to those who are far from stock markets and other financial subtleties. It talks about tools and strategies for making money; it can inspire anyone who’s new to the business and can show him the right path to success.

But it’s not only about money. According to Robbins, human development should be not only material but also moral and spiritual. He says that money give freedom and independence, but they even put responsibility; with their help, we can meet our needs, but also we can change the world for the better. We shouldn’t just take; we should give back as well.

Pros and Cons:

  • The simplicity of presentation; a simple structure; valuable ideas; the practical orientation.
  • Many examples relate to the realities of the US financial system, which often differ significantly from the facts of other countries.

About Author Tony Robbins

Author of the book Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom PlaybookAnthony (Tony) Robbins (born Anthony Jay Mahavorick, born February 29, 1960) is an American writer, entrepreneur engaged in the topic of self-development, an orator-motivator, an actor, the coach. The author of best-selling books on Life Coaching. Also widely known in America and other countries for its audio programs about personal development and motivational seminars.

Anthony Robbins is a recognized authority in the psychology of leadership, negotiation, organizational change, and peak performance. He influenced the lives of almost 5 million people from 80 countries of the world through his public speeches, seminars, and video courses, together with his audio library of coaching and best-selling books, such as “Infinite Power.” In 2007, Forbes magazine put him on the list of “100 most influential celebrities”.

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