Disrupt You!: Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation


What is the book “Disrupt You” about?

Jay Samit, the author of the book, is aware of things about nowadays economy and consumer market. He is sure that the days when a successful company could do nothing and earn a lot of profit are gone. The endless stream of new technologies, services, and projects with its changeable social institutions requires from us changes too. You should have a lot of skills in different areas to in game for a long time. It may help you to improve the area if there is a necessity easily.

According to Samit,  a young businessperson must change himself in such environment, if he wants to achieve something in this life. The first thing is not to give up if you face some troubles or failures. They are a part of the experience.

Such an experience helps to break the old schemes of business, which don’t give the young generation to develop their new ideas. In this book, he encourages us to break these old schemes.

The main thing is how we see this world and how we react to his challenges, claims Jay.  He explains what we should do with our psychological attitudes to expend our professional and personal possibilities. You may find here some recommendations that teach you how to encourage other prosperous companies and firms with your original idea without any donations and how to produce, promote, distribute and sell.

The book includes the history of the author’s success and other famous people of any area. At the beginning of the book, he tells about a massive project that was designed, when he was 24 years old. He has already created his own multimedia company that was specialized in special effects, interactive teaching programs, and video games. There was a national lottery in 1984, the income of which should be invested in the public schools. The best technological system for selling tickets would help the owner to get a multi-million dollar contract.

Samit created a booth with a built-in motion detector which could drum up potential customers and propose them lottery tickets. He was confident that his invention would make him a millionaire someday.  The booth was provided with a touchscreen and a huge display. It was a new method of selling lottery tickets that could be used in the whole world. But Samit was wrong. He didn’t get a contract. He was forced to go back to LA from Sacramento, where the contest took place.

One night before his leaving he started thinking over his mistake.  He also explored the features of his own personality, so that he could break the old schemes of business. He thought about the differences between him and his peers and how he took decisions and solved the problems. He rethought the way of usage of his lottery booth.

When he turned back home from Sacramento, there was an urgent need to find a bus which could bring him from the airport to his district, but there was no booth with a schedule. All of a sudden he found a new way of earning money. The problem was common nearly at every airport, and he knew it. Some changes in the lottery booth could make a brand new information cabin with an interface in different languages.

Samit adapted his booth to the airport information cabin. It gave information about taxis, buses, and transfers in eight languages. There was an automatic telephone for connection with a controller. (It was before the cellular network appears). The unsuccessful booth became a useful thing that helped its creator to earn a lot of money in short terms.  It was enough just to break that business schemes, prejudices and ways of thinking.

Such persons who did the same were lucky to create something new, change themselves and the way of their thinking. They are a kind of people who turn this world for better every day. They overcame their fears and realized that everyone is free to do everything he wants and there are no established rules to be followed. They prefer to develop their own standards and they don’t require you to support them. They only want to show that these laws helped them to achieve success in this world. Don’t be afraid to break some rules sometimes and you will see how many new ways to use the old things there are.

Summary and 11 Ideas of “Disrupt You!”

Idea № 1. The real disruptive technologies change the market and the system forever.

Idea № 2. To be a scheme-destroyer is a state of mind, which helps to find new possibilities in every obstacle and take every failure as a new start.

Idea № 3. We become those as we consider ourselves.

Idea № 4. Our life and career are determined by taking and refusing our restrictions.

Idea № 5. Ruin your inner chain and build yourself up one more time to achieve success.

Idea № 6. Find a problem to solve first if you want to find a great idea.

Idea № 7. There is no need for schemes-destroyers to invent something new: they can find a new way of using the old things.

Idea № 8. Violation of the guidelines on the production may improve this production.

Idea № 9. Violation of the guidelines on the sales leads to the high level of sales.

Idea № 10. The schemes-breaking principles must be applied on servicing.

Idea № 11. Crowdsourcing is one of the examples that shows the violation of the distribution principles when the information is controlled by everyone and by no one.

Review “Disrupt You!”

Jay Samit’s book helps its reader to find out new possibilities in simple things. You just need to look at them from the other angle. You should also start changing something in your inner world to achieve it. The quote of Tolstoy is closed to the author of the book: “Everyone wants to change this world, but no one wants to change himself”. These two changes are connected with each other. That serves as a basis for the name of the book.

The schemes-breaking principles can be used not only for a profit and personal success. Don’t be afraid to become a scheme-breaker, suggests Samit. After all, original ideas go beyond the borders of a norm. Different areas of our society need to be changed right now: resources, ecology, and social justice. The innovators-scheme breaker can see the future and change the world for better. Perhaps, one of you will be able to do it.

Pros and Cons:

  • Here you can find inspiring and worthy ideas, interesting examples and stories in a simple narrative.

About Author Jay Samit

Author of the book Disrupt You!Jay Samit is the Independent Vice-Chairman of Deloitte. American innovator in digital media, he became a pioneer in the distribution of music and video, social networking and e-commerce. Samit often appears in ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC and daily motivation for more than 100,000 business professionals who follow him on twitter @jaysamit. An expert on transformational corporate change, Samit was quoted in The New York Times, The Economist, Businessweek, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Fast Company and TechCrunch.

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